Root canal treatments

Endodontics: one of the dental treatments in Amsterdam-Southeast

Does a root canal treatment hurt?

“What is a root canal treatment?” We often get this question from our patients. First, we have to locate the inflamed root canal. This happens during an appointment at the dentist, where we pay extra attention to patients with fear for the dentist. Then your pain complaint, with the help of one or more X-rays, the root can be mapped as precisely as possible. Finally, prior to root canal treatment, you will receive a local anesthetic that will be worn out after a few hours.

To reach the root canal, the tooth is drilled from above and the dentist will remove the inflamed tissue. The channel is cleaned by using small files and disinfecting liquid. We completely remove the inflamed tissue so nothing remains in the canal! Finally, the empty root canals are closed again and the relevant tooth or molar is filled. After the treatment, the teeth are as good as new. If the tooth is so weak that it cannot be filled, the dentist will recommend a crown. The duration of treatment can vary greatly and depends on the number of inflamed root canals. There is a chance that you will have to come back again to complete the treatment. We will, of course, discuss all of this with you, so that you will never be confronted with surprises.

What is a root canal?

Endodontics is an expensive word for root canal treatment. It is a discipline that is performed in our dental practice in Amsterdam-Southeast. If under the influence of tooth decay, the nerve of your teeth has become irritated and you have an inflamed root canal, then you need a root canal treatment. The same problem can occur with a leaking filling. Almost all treatments on the root canal are performed by us under a microscope. Although you do not see the roots, they have an important function to fulfill.

Roots are stuck in the gums under the jaw and ensure that the teeth stay there. A root consists of several root canals, which in turn consist of nerve fibers and small blood vessels. This living tissue is also called pulp. The leakage of a filling or tooth decay is the cause of inflammation. A root canal treatment is necessary then. The root canal is cleaned during this treatment. If you wait too long, it may happen that the inflammation has already spread to the jawbone. We want to prevent that.

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What are the costs of a root canal treatment?

The costs will be presented during a consult. Herein the expected costs of the treatments are precisely described. For more information about possible compensation, we would like to advise you to consult your dental insurance. If you have any questions about the treatment method or the costs of a root canal treatment, please contact us. We are happy to explain the origin of the complaints, the existing treatments, and preventive measures. Do you have questions about being insured, the costs or do you want to make a payment arrangement? Then be sure to contact dental care practice Kruitberghof. We can also call your insurance company on your behalf so that all uncertainties are removed. Go through the most common dental treatments on the ‘


Symptoms of an inflamed root canal

There is a severe toothache often, so it is decided to proceed to treatment of the root canal. The living part of the tooth, also called pulp, is then inflamed. A nerve treatment is needed, where the dentist removes the nerve to help you get rid of the pain. Do you suffer from sensitive teeth when consuming hot or cold drinks? This can also be a signal of an inflamed root canal.

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