Oral Hygine

From dental deposits to good oral health and healthy gums

Dental hygienist treatments: From dental plaque to good oral health and healthy gums

The dentist and hygienists of Tandartspraktijk Kruitberghof in Amsterdam South-East are trained to remove tartar and plaque. In addition to making your mouth healthy, we specialize in treating patients who are afraid or have fear for dentists.

every six months during your check-up, the dental assistant gives instructions on how to keep your mouth healthy and how to ensure good dental care.

We offer the following treatments :

  • Examine gum condition;
  • Oral hygiene instructions;
  • Polishing teeth;
  • Removal of tartar and plaque;
  • Information and advice about oral care and nutrition
  • Treatment of gum disease symptoms (gingivitis and periodontitis);
  • Bacteriological research.

reventing is better than curing

By participating in preventive treatments in dental practice, you prevent sensitive teeth and help prevent gum disease. By signaling this in time, you avoid pain in your gums and the entire mouth. A consultation with our dental hygienist will help you solve the following:

  • Unpleasant breath;
  • Often a dry mouth;
  • Tartar or dental plaque on your teeth;
  • Regular emergence of new cavities;
  • Discomfort from bleeding or itchy gums;
  • Teeth or molars that are loose;
  • Pain in the gums;
  • Sensitive teeth or gum recession.

The first visit

You will have the first dentist appointment with our dental hygienist. During this consultation, which takes between 30 and 45 minutes, the condition of your mouth is examined. The dental hygienist draws up an individual oral care plan with an overview of treatments and costs. If necessary, follow-up appointments are planned.

Choose an expert dentist who thinks along with you!

Six-monthly check-up with your dentist and dental hygienist


a visit to the dental hygienist is a great addition to your everyday dental care. This prevents gum disease plus other symptoms such as excessive dental plaque and gum pain. In addition to a six-monthly check-up at our dental practice, you will receive advice on nutrition and additional information about oral hygiene. This way we can prevent cavities or other conditions that may cause pain.

The treatment plan, costs, and insurance

If you have additional dental insurance in addition to the basic insurance, the costs charged by the dentist will be reimbursed. The treatment costs for minors, up to the age of 18, are fully covered by your health insurer with the basic insurance.

We are happy to explain how mouth complaints occur and how you can take preventive measures yourself. We would be happy to cover the existing treatments at Kruitberghof in Amsterdam South-East with you. 


The dentists

The dental practitioners of Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof are BIG registered for carrying out preventive, curative, medical, acute and implantological treatments.



Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof

We have expert dentists working at Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof, who have extensive experience in their field. In addition to a high degree of expertise, dental practice Kruitberghof has many specializations in the house. You will experience that our professionals stand for quality and efficiency, in which your dental wishes are central.



Kruitberghof 61-A
1104 BC Amsterdam
Tel: 020 261 36 89
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