We recommend that you adjust your dental insurance to the health condition of your theeth.

Dental costs and insurance

We recommend that you adjust your dental insurance to the health condition of your teeth. You can ask the dentist for advice at any time. You can insure yourself at various health insurers for dental care. Your choice of supplementary dental insurance is legally separate from the basic insurance and can be taken chosen separately. For more information about dental insurance, the various cover, and reimbursements, we refer you to

Tandartskosten en verzekering

You will find an overview of all insurance policies on Good information and clarity with regard to rates, your bill, reimbursements, prices for dentists and budgets for treatment plans are important. You can find all patient information on our “Patients“page.

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The dentists

The dentits of Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof are BIG registered for the implementation of preventive, curative, medical and acute and implantological treatments.

Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof

Expert dentists work at Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof, who have many experiences in their field. In addition to a high level of professionalism, dental practice Kruitberghof has many specializations in-house. You will experience that our professionals stand for quality and efficiency, in which your dental wishes are central.


Kruitberghof 61-A
1104 BC Amsterdam
Tel: 020 261 36 89
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Tandartspraktijk Kruitberghof is telefonisch van maandag tot en met vrijdag, tussen 09:00 en 17:00 bereikbaar.

KvK-nummer: 36052043


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