Wisdom tooth

The main reason to get rid of wisdom teeth is to make room for the remaining teeth.


Does pulling a tooth hurt?

Often a wisdom tooth is pulled to make room for other teeth and molars. These molars often grow crooked, so they get in the way of the rest of the teeth. Removing the tooth usually goes without pain, thanks to the anesthetic. If our implantologist finds the treatment too risky, a referral to the surgeon will be given.

The question “does pulling the wisdom tooth hurt?” It is difficult to answer.


After your wisdom tooth has been pulled a nagging feeling may occur, but this varies per patient. The anesthetic ensures that you will not experience pain, but an unpleasant feeling can occur. The first three days may be when the injury starts to swell, so you may want to swallow an aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen against the pain.

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How is a wisdom tooth removed?

Before the treatment, you will receive an anesthetic. Once this is working, the dentist will get to work and remove the tooth. This is done by applying a rotating or prying movement, whereby the tooth is pulled out in its entirety.


After the treatment, you will receive a form from us in which points for attention and rules for aftercare are described. If you still have problems after a while, please contact dental care practice Kruitberghof immediately.

The dentists

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Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof

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