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Do you want to whiten your teeth?

Then cosmetic dentistry is something for you! Shining white healthy teeth: that’s because of cosmetic dentistry. Your teeth may be damaged as a result of dental wear or dental trauma. This special profession is all about making your teeth beautiful. These days, beautiful teeth play an increasingly important role in appearance and self-confidence, raising the bar ever higher. Our treatment focuses on functional recovery. With tooth-colored filler material, veneers and crowns, we can improve the shape, position, and color of your teeth. There is extra attention to maintaining your own teeth.

The cause of wear

Our cosmetic dentist specializes in restorative dentistry. This means that the treatment focuses on restoring the shape, function, and beauty of your teeth. In our dental practice, dental wear is becoming more common: around 10% of patients. One of the main factors of wear and damage is the chemical action of acids, such as those found in many soft drinks. Another important cause is natural wear, which is caused by the upper and lower jaw moving over each other. First, the cause of the dental problem is investigated, through which a hole or inflamed tooth tissue can be discovered. Dental trauma can also be a cause. The consequences are often both physical and psychological: you may be ashamed of your bad teeth or have difficulty eating and drinking but the pain is not worth it.

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Indien u meer informatie wilt hebben over gebitsslijtage en de mogelijke behandelingen in de cosmetische tandheelkunde; maak dan een afspraak met onze cosmetische tandarts. Tijdens het consult zal de tandarts de situatie in uw mond onderzoeken, waarop een behandelplan zal worden opgesteld. U dient er rekening mee te houden dat er kosten aan verbonden zijn. Om de situatie te diagnosticeren zal de tandarts namelijk röntgenfoto’s maken en een plan opstellen.

Informeer bij onze tandartspraktijk in Amsterdam-Zuidoost naar de beste behandelmethode om uw tanden te laten stralen. Dit kunt u doen door onderstaand formulier in te vullen of door ons te bellen. Wij kunnen met u meedenken over uw financiële situatie en contact hebben met uw verzekeraar. Kom zeker eens langs met uw vragen!

If you want more information about dental wear and the possible treatments in cosmetic dentistry; Then make an appointment with our cosmetic dentist. During the consultation, the dentist will examine the situation in your mouth, on which a treatment plan will be drawn up. You must bear in mind that there are costs involved.

To diagnose the situation, the dentist will take X-rays and prepare a plan. Ask our dental practice in Amsterdam-Southeast. for the best treatment method to make your teeth shine. You can do this by filling the form below or by calling us. We can think together about your financial situation and have contact with your insurer. Be sure to come with your questions!

Choose professional dentistry that is close to people.

Cheap teeth whitening 

Do you suffer from plaque and do you want to whiten your teeth cheap? Then we have the best offer Amsterdam for you: € 79 per treatment! There are many dental practices that offer teeth whitening. You must realize that treatment is not always isolated. Sometimes the tooth attack is so severe that cheap bleaching is not an option. To achieve the desired result, the dentist must bleach several times. For this reason, it is very important to obtain information in advance. We have recently started using a new method that provides excellent results. Ask immediately about the best method for whitening your teeth!

Information referrers

If you do not implant yourself, your patients can refer to us for implantology and aesthetic restorative dentistry. All treatments take place on the basis of consultation with you. We only perform treatments that have been referred to. In view of the horizontal referral directive, your patients cannot register with us as patients. During the treatment process you will be kept informed about the progress.


The dentists

The dentists of Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof are BIG registered for the implementation of preventive, curative, medical and acute and implantological treatments.

Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof

Expert dentists work at Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof, who have many experiences in their field. In addition to a high level of professionalism, dental practice Kruitberghof has many specializations in-house. You will experience that our professionals stand for quality and efficiency, in which your dental wishes are central.


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